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The MERC VAPOR PRO 271 model features a 2 1/2″ barrel, 6″ parallel wall and a long taper to a medium-to-thin handle (15/16″) creating a very well-balanced bat. The balanced design creates a very fast swing with a whipping action that is great for every hitting style and level of experience.

The MERC PRO ASSAULT 243 model features a large, long barrel (larger sweet spot) and a medium-to-thin handle (increased bat whip) which causes this bat to be top loaded. This bat is for the experienced player looking to drive the ball with a greater launch angle and increased distance. This bat is cupped.

The MERC 110 AMMUNITION PRO model features a longer barrel with a slightly thicker handle giving this bat a larger contact surface to help a hitter drive the ball. The thicker handle adds extra inside pitch protection for the hitter with strong hands. This bat is perfect for the singles hitter that wants to gain barrel depth with a well-balanced bat that can add a little extra barrel to turn some of those singles into extra base hits. This bat is cupped.

The MERC PRO T6 model features medium barrel, with a long taper and a medium-to-thin handle. This bat is well balanced and has a slightly heavier feel. This is an easy bat to control for an average to stronger player and we recommend it for all level of play. This bat is cupped.

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